Building a Quality Custom Home


Mike Adalis’s new book Building a Quality Custom Home is a must read for anyone thinking of building a custom home.


Knowing what steps to take first will make you feel more confident about the building process. You should know the do’s and don’ts about planning and building your new home.

Start planning and organizing your building project as you are reading our book and you will have prepared and organized your dream home project.

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Part I: Before You Build

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Part II: During Construction

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Part III: Helpful Checklists

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– An Important Note From the Authors.
– Before You Begin

Part I: Before You Build

1. Should I Build, Or Should I Buy an Existing Home? 10 Questions to Help You Decide
2. Which Comes First: The Builder or The Designer?
3. Forcing a Round Peg Into a Square Hole Finding a Competent Builder
4. Don’t Buy That Lot! Call Your Builder First
5. Do I Have to Like My Builder?
6. Pick Three Out of Four Quality, Speed, Service, Price
7. How Much Do You Charge Per Square Foot?
8. Close Enough to Perfect? Identifying Expectations
9. Choices, Choices, Choices! Choose Before You Lose
10. Wellness Home Consultants/Green Builders
11. The Startling Step Most New Homeowners Fail to Take
12. How Many Bids Should I Get For My New Home?
13. Excellence or Perfection?
14. Why Picking the Right Builder Is Half the Battle
15. How Do You Avoid a Builder Scam?
16. Financial Smarts – Part 1 Where Do I Start?
17. Financial Smarts – Part 2 What Loan Is Right For Me?
18. Financial Smarts – Part 3 Should I Get a Fixed, Adjustable, or Interest-Only Loan?
19. Financial Smarts – Part 4 How Do I Know What My Closing Costs Will Be?
20. Welcome to Art Class! Create a Dream Home Notebook
21. Don’t Even Begin Designing Your Home Until You’ve Done This!.
22. Needs vs. Wants – The Design Outline™
23. Where Should I Spend My Money? If You’re Going to Err, Do It Here
24. What’s So Important About the Kitchen Anyway?
25. Custom Designing Your Home? Read This Before You Decide
26. Design Your New Home With Resale in Mind
27. You’re Going to Live Here HOW Long?
28. Will I Go Over Budget?
29. What About Storage?0
30. The Terrible Truth About Building Beyond Your Means
31. Surprises That Could Inflate Your Custom Home Cost
32. The Hidden Pot Of Gold in Your Pocket
33. Should I Use a Fixed-Price or Cost-Plus Contract? Part 1 – Fixed-Price
34. Should I Use a Fixed-Price or Cost-Plus Contract? Part 2 – Cost-Plus
35. Should I Hire an Attorney?
36. What Kind of Warranty Can I Expect?

Part II: During Construction

37. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
38. What Language Are You Speaking?
39. Eight Common Arguments Builders Have With Homeowners and How to Avoid Them
40. How Long Does it Take to Build a New Custom Home?
41. Understanding Two Worlds: Yours and Your Builder’s
42. Should I Be Afraid of a Change Order?
43. Why Do I Have to Pay a Builder’s Margin on a Change Order?
44. How To Make Your Builder Love You
45. Why You Shouldn’t Use Friends As Subcontractors
46. The Top Eleven Mistakes Made by Homeowners
47. Should I Hire An Independent Building Inspector?
48. How To Maximize Your Valuable Investment
49. What Can I Expect After I Move In?
50. Is Going “Green” the Way to Go?

Part III: Helpful Checklists

51. Checklist #1: What To Do Before You Hire a Builder
52. Checklist #2: Top Questions To Ask a Potential Builder
53. Checklist #3: Top Questions To Ask Your Builder’s Previous Homeowners
54. Checklist #4: Before You Begin Construction
55. Checklist #5: Before Your Builder Hangs Drywall
56. Checklist #6: 3 Weeks Prior to Closing
57. Checklist #7: The No-Sweat List for Closing and Final Walk-Through
58. The Savvy Homeowner’s Glossary

– A Final Thought
– About The Company.
– About The Authors