Construction and Selection Scheduler

Mike Adalis has lived in Houston since 1970. His background is in architecture, design and science. He worked in the design industry and in 1993 founded Champion Custom Home Builders.

Our goal is to help the homeowner design, budget and manage their new home building project. Our commitment to building a custom home includes consultation, communication, guidance, information on design choices and the very best in quality construction.

We consult with each new client, giving them all the information they need to organize their needs and wants for their new home. Many years of communication skills are incorporated to help our clients determine their budgeting and financing needs.

We can assist with the selection of the lot or property, home design, exterior and interior elevations, doors, windows, trim, cabinets, color, appliances, floors, carpet, tile, and all other selections.

Finally, the construction of your custom home will begin with Mike’s personal attention and management.

The monthly schedule below can you give you an idea of the creative and build processes for your new custom built home.
First Month
Pool Design, Windows and color of exterior frame, Clear the trees for the foundation pad, Install bulkhead and dock, Drill foundation piers, Set forms and install steel and beams, Install underground plumbing, Pour foundation, Gunite, Pool area, Order, Floor, Trusses, Order windows.
Second month
Tile, Roof, Exterior, Cast, Stone, Tub and shower plumbing fixtures Start framing walls, Order tile roof (selection needed), Install steel and beams.
Third Month
Exterior doors, Frame second floor walls and ceilings, Framing rafters, Start exterior wall plywood sheathing, Stack-out plumbing, Start exterior cornice and trim.
Fourth Month
Install plywood roof decking, Install Windows and doors, Tarpaper cover roof areas, Install Fireplaces and chimneys, Build and install spiral staircase, Install sewer and water underground lines, Order Cast stone treatment,
Fifth Month
Stucco Color and Exterior trim color, Prime exterior trim and facial boards, Plumbing water lines installed, A/C units and ductwork installed, Start Electrical rough-ins, Start Exterior Stucco process, Get ready for rough inspections, Stock drywall inside the house, Order interior doors, cabinets and trim work material, Order gas line under ground installed.
Sixth Month
Tile and Stone flooring, Trim Material, Doors and Cabinetry, Insulate exterior walls, Sheetrock all walls and ceilings, Start roof Tiles, Complete Stucco process, Color coat Stucco, Order Tile material.
Seventh Month
Wall paint and Enamel colors, front door design, Start Trim work and cabinetry, Start Tile mud base work in the bathrooms, exterior balconies, and floors, Install garage doors, Install pool decks and patios sub-base concrete,
Eight Month
Granite counters, Driveway pattern and color, Trim work and cabinetry still working, Measure and order all interior and exterior wrought iron, Painters to prime all walls and ceilings, Order front door, Complete exterior Cast stonework, Install electrical underground.
Ninth Month
Door and cabinetry Hardware, Lighting fixtures, Appliances, Start paintwork and enameling woodwork, Start laying tile, Measure all counter tops for granite or stone, Order plumbing fixtures, Order electrical meter.
Tenth Month
Carpet Painting and enameling will continue, Rough grade exterior yard, Tile work continues when painter aren't spraying, Order Hardware for doors and cabinetry, Order lighting fixtures and appliances.
Eleventh Month
Complete painting stage, Start electrical plug and switching, Install granite or stone counter tops, Complete tile work, Order A/C grille and return air grilles to be installed, Order shower doors and mirrors, Install driveway and sidewalks, Complete pool deck surfaces, Install plumbing fixtures, Install interior and exterior wrought iron, Install Elevator system.
Twelfth Month
Install hardware Order gas meter, Install A/C compressors and start units, Install Fixtures and appliances, Finish security and phone systems, Complete Audio and visual systems, Complete pool, Landscape front and back yard, Install carpet on second and third floors, Clean window and interior, Install mirror and shower doors, Complete our miscellaneous punch out items, Walk the house with homeowners for move-in list.